Credits include publications that our research staff generate. While publications in peer reviewed journals are the only currency in research universities, WRI researchers also value articles in venues read by practitioners, as well. Our audience is made up of researchers and practitioners and we want to share our findings with both groups through appropriate and carefully targeted publications.

The second area in which WRI products are recognized is in the world of commercial publishing. In 1997, Paul Brookes publishing company contracted with WRI and two senior researchers to package and market Ladders to Literacy: An Emergent Literacy Curriculum. Packaging, graphics, printing, marketing and distribution are handled by Brookes Publishing. Other WRI products are being considered for similar publishing arrangements.

Of late, we have received a number of national and international awards for video production. These include The Golden Eagle Award from the Cine organization, the Bronze Telly, an Honorable Mention in the Communicator Awards, and a Certificate of Creative Excellence in the International Film and Video Festival Awards Competition. As a result of the Golden Eagle Award, the winning WRI produced video is now being considered in European film festivals.