Today, customized products are on trend.  Businesses such as t-shirt printing, pillow printing, customized bags are great for souvenirs on special occasions and events. 

These are used not jut souvenirs and token, but also are used as promotional materials for products and services.  No wonder such business is being explored by many.

One of the best customized printing today is used with heat press.  Unlike traditional printing, heat press has clean output, leaving no other marks on fabrics.  The printing is designed in computers using special software and is being transferred to the fabric through heat.

Vinyl for Cricut Iron

One of the best materials for heat pressing is the vinyl. Though there are other popular materials such as foil and glitter, the vinyl material is widely used because of its durability on prints and cheaper price.  Aside from that, it’s easier to work on vinyl materials.

A Cricut iron is a specialized machine that transfers the vinyl to the fabric.  How does it work? Let’s keep on reading!

An artist may be done the layout on the computer using specialized software.  He/she can use images and texts in the said software, edit, change colours and styles according to his/her preference.  Such drawing or image when ready will be sent to the cricut machine.  This will be printed out by the machine in a clean and perfect image. Source to know about Review: Cricut® Iron-on Lite, Black Heat Transfer Vinyl – Craft Vinyl Reviews.

Oops! We’re not done yet!

After printing, the vinyl will be peeled off to reveal its design.  The process is called weeding which is actually very easy to perform.  Once done with the weeding, the printed vinyl will then be transferred to the fabric through heat press.  And there you go! You are done with your customized printing!  Undoubtedly very easy and convenient, right? Why not try now!