Ladders to Literacy

Curricula to support the acquisition of literacy and language skills of young children with disabilities:

Ladders to Literacy: A preschool activity book. (1998)
By: Notari-Syverson, A., O’Connor, R., & Vadasy, P.
Publisher: Paul Brookes Publishing, Baltimore, MD.

Ladders to Literacy: A kindergarten activity book. (1998)
By: O’Connor, R., Notari-Syverson, A., & Vadasy, P.
Publisher: Paul Brookes Publishing, Baltimore, MD.

The Yakima Equity Study

Findings of an in-depth, qualitative study of issues of educational equity for Hispanic, Native American, and migrant children. By Vadasy and Maddox.
Language is the Key (In English, Spanish & Korean)
Talking and Books and Talking and Play are two new, award-winning videos for staff development, parent involvement, home visitors, and volunteer training. Each video is about 20 minutes long. Easy-to-learn language development strategies help children with disabilities, typically developing children, and children who are just learning English.

The strategies are very effective in increasing children’s language and are drawn from current research in language development, emergent literacy, and bilingual language development. Language is the Key is also available in a version specifically for Vietnamese & Chinese speakers. For more information, visit Washington Learning Systems.

Sound Partners

A one-to-one tutoring program to supplement instruction in early reading skills. Research-based tutoring activities, includes a set of 100 tutoring lessons that are scripted for tutor use with beginning tutors. By Vadasy and colleagues.